Saturday, April 18th, 2020

    BOB DRESSLAR is an Advisor to Steelheart International and a licensed contractor with decades of construction management experience. He was previously an owner and founder of E-Building systems, manufacturing EPS panels with steel studs. He has been the construction superintendent on numerous large projects for 400 to 500 units, including East Lake in Chula Vista, California. In 2006, he built 132 steel frame homes using the E Building system for Crean Acres in Hemet, and he has designed and set up several panel plants, including one in Yuma, Arizona. That home building operation built several houses with the E-system panels in Mexicali in 2002-3. When the earthquake hit in April 2010, 45,000 houses were damaged, 15,000 destroyed completely. The only houses still standing with no damage were those built with the E-System panels which now serves as the basis for the government’s desire to convert from concrete block construction to E-System.